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The Corset Lover's Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Corset Lover's Community

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[30 Jun 2014|10:07am]

I have deducted the price on most of the corsets listed in my etsy shop as much as 50% off. Please feel free to take a gander among a collection of very one of a kind corsets as well as other goodies. You can also view a sample below:


Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PookumsBooty?ref=l2-shop-info-name
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[15 Apr 2013|11:36am]

Greetings! In the past nine months I have had a total of five major abdominal operations. Alas, I can finally wear corsets to my desired degree of cinch, however, I also have medical bills to pay. With that said, it would mean the world to me to make some extra monies with what I have to offer. I understand that my sense of style is not what you would deem conventional but hopefully many of you may find something to your liking :)

Four steel boned corsets, three of which are brand newCollapse )

You may also see a variety of other goodies in my etsy shop:


In addition, I have a few other listed items up on ebay:


Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you for your time!
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[01 Apr 2013|10:34am]

Corsets, heels, catsuits, and more at discounted prices up for auction:

 photo queenofhearts.jpg
 photo katieclub5.jpg
 photo 41Umsa67WFL_SS340_-300x300.jpg
 photo 022-4.jpg

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[21 Mar 2013|04:22am]

Corsets, catsuits, heels, dresses, and more at excellent prices!

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Victorian underpinnings! [28 Feb 2013|09:37am]

In a colloboation with Skeletons in a Closet and La Rose Couture, we present you the perfect, Victorian Underpinnings!
See the results after clicking the link.
See pictures under the cut!Collapse )
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[01 Nov 2012|11:26am]


30 corset-themed icons here at iconriot
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[01 Jun 2012|07:48am]

Custom steel boned corset at discounted price, among other items:

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[24 May 2012|10:25am]

I have here a steel boned, custom made corset by Versatile Corsets in the Venus underbust style up for auction. The corset features a one of a kind design mentally constructed by myself and custom printed onto sturdy muslin fabric, which is featured as the central design. Encompassing this design are a variety of different cotton fabrics printed with a queen of hearts/casino/cards theme and more. Grommets adorn each side of the central design in the front for optional lacing. In addition, there is bottom red lacing at the bottom of each side of the corset. Both the top and bottom is garnished with red fringe. Minor flaws include slight loosening of the threading near the bottom left of the corset where the red lacing begins (depicted below) and red fringe in the front that was recently cut to a shorter length. Otherwise, this corset is in excellent condition measuring at 12.5 inches in length, 11 inches in width in the front, and closed at 22 inches in circumference when laced in the back. Includes front busk closure and back panel. This is truly an original corset thought up by no other! Originally purchased for nearly $600 and being sold at nearly 1/5th the price!!!


A few more reference picturesCollapse )

Link to auction (also selling boots, dresses, and a body suit with built in chaps):


Feel free to ask any questions! :)
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Making new corset ! [22 Apr 2012|07:26pm]

Making a new corsets.
1860's victorian style.

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Charlotta Bedford [14 Apr 2012|09:08pm]

Фотографы - Сергей Ковбасюк и Марина Мартыненко
Мейк - Анна Эвиленко
Модель и идея - Charlotta Bedford
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Фотографы - Сергей Ковбасюк и Марина Мартыненко
Мейк - Анна Эвиленко
Модель и идея - Charlotta Bedford
<img src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/-Z4PtYWHptIw/T4m4glsKL2I/AAAAAAAABIE/C1KSXZrc7wY/s0/IMG_2503.jpg" width="533height="800">
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<img src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/-Z4PtYWHptIw/T4m4glsKL2I/AAAAAAAABIE/C1KSXZrc7wY/s0/IMG_2503.jpg" width="667height="1000">

<img src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/-i7bfEBdPEIA/T4m4n_UpCVI/AAAAAAAABIM/aEGl9IWY02Y/s0/IMG_2492.jpg" width="1000ht="667

<img src="http://lh3.ggpht.com/-gH5eqZyv2FQ/T4m4pVvw1nI/AAAAAAAABIU/wVn7NxAJUfE/s0/IMG_2506.jpg" width="667height="1000">

<img src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/-RLOcvujIKuU/T4m4q3FldtI/AAAAAAAABIc/pwfTQjp5B2s/s0/IMG_2511.jpg" width="667height="1000">

<img src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/-iYul58KrxA4/T4m4se4rljI/AAAAAAAABIk/pFKitjco9PI/s0/IMG_2520.jpg" width="667height="1000">

<img src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/-i_YB--wEdP0/T4m4t7mtkXI/AAAAAAAABIs/SDGrWMkjTvk/s0/IMG_2462.jpg"width="667height="1000">
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[24 Mar 2012|11:57pm]

Hello everyone.

I Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Jill i'm a college kid (but a freshman) I only have one corset right now a black and white striped 26" underbust. Since my boobs are tiny.

It's kind of an old picture from like last year. Oh well i wear it mostly under my clothes actually.
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[06 Mar 2012|10:08am]

I have a brand new, never worn corset up for auction (link behind cut). It is custom made in the Temptress underbust style by Meschantes Corsetry and closes in at 22". It would fit a natural waist circumference between 26-28 inches. It also features a surreal custom design printed on silk fabric. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask

Images provided hereCollapse )
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[29 Nov 2011|04:37pm]

I am having a little sale on all my clothing in my etsy shop which includes this lovely little corset. FREE SHIPPING on all clothing with coupon code
at checkout! (Please do not use the code on furniture or rugs!)

Sale will run until 12/2/11 10am EST

Feel free to ask any questions!

Check it all out here!

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[27 Nov 2011|08:32pm]

Cyber Monday Sale! 12am-12pm EST use coupon code CyberMonday2011 for 11% off of your total before shipping!

Check it all out here!

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Corsets For Sale 22", 24", 25", 26", 28" [31 Jul 2011|11:22am]

Haggling Welcome, please take my lovelies away :)
Make Any Offers On Everything (if you think the price is too high!)
Please Take It All Away :)

Deals on multiple purchases, holds/lay-away/payment plans also available! Seriously I want this all gone guys :)


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From Russia with Fetish))) [01 Jul 2011|12:09am]

my name is Agna Devi,
I am Russian designer of fetish clothes, fetish photographer and fetish model.
I am glad to show you some of my designs. All costumes made by me, of course.
And I am always happy to find new friends)))

That's me:

Read more...Collapse )
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Corsets For Sale 22", 24", 25", 26", 28" [08 Jun 2011|11:07pm]

Corsets & RubberCollapse )
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In Praise of Lingerie [10 May 2011|10:24am]

[ mood | calm ]

Image from Isolde Lingerie.

In Praise of Lingerie
By Bethany Davis

The texture, the colours,
The patterns, the bracing.
To look, to shop,
To buy, to wear.

I run my hands across the fabric,
Feel it between my fingers.
I put my legs through, pull it up,
Covering my body but not covering,
Hiding, yet revealing.
I pull the straps over my shoulders,
Close to my skin, holding me, embracing me,
Confidence and strength, sexy and beautiful,
I stand and gaze at my body.

I love the feel of stockings on my legs,
Containing me,
Making my legs look long.
Run my hands over my calf,
Feels so nice.
I love the looks of stockings on legs,
Sexy curves of calves and thighs,
Amplified, accented.
Her beautiful legs for my eyes to see.

My breasts contained,
The fabric falls,
Brushing my tummy as I move.
She can see me through the cloth.
Covering yet revealing,
Gentle, soft,
The babydoll falling around my hips.

I step into the teddy,
Pull it up,
Firm between my legs.
Wrapping my hips,
My sides,
My breasts,
Conforming to my form.

I pull the chemise over my head,
Down my body,
Over my breasts,
My back,
My sides,
Down over my hips.
Tight against me,
Hugging me tightly.
I run my hands down my side,
The fabric so nice under my touch,
My curves so nice under the cloth.

I clip the clips up as i go,
One, two, three, ten,
Clip, clip, clip,
With each clip, a little tighter.
With each clip, a little snugger.
The bustier tighens,
Holding my breasts,
Pushing them up,
Looking larger,
Looking fuller.
Holding my sides,
Pressing inward,
More curved,
More contained,
I stand a little straighter,
My back arced a bit more,
My tummy held in,
My breasts more prominent.
I’m confident,
I’m sexy,
I’m content.

The lacings up the back,
One loop at a time,
My breasts lifted,
My waist narrowed,
Hard to breathe for a moment,
Then I relax.
Tighter than a bustier,
I stand very straight.
I can’t slump.
It is different but it is good.
Nothing can stop me.
The ribs are my strength.
The corset compels me.
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[25 Apr 2011|08:07am]

I have added a new corset to my listings and also reduced the prices for the two underbusts and the bustle. :)

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Дизайнеры и мастера Hand made. [15 Apr 2011|04:07pm]


Мы сейчас на нашем сайте хотим создать возможность выкладывать товары мастеров Hand Made и российских дизайнеров.

Посещаемость сайта 14 тысяч в день.

Не посоветуете ли вы того, кого вы считаете хорошим российским дизайнером или мастером.

По возникшим возникшим вопросам пишите на почту p@butik2.ru
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